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Finding quality Connecticut plastic surgeons can be a little difficult. Once you find a good one, however, you know that you can get good treatment of all kinds to look younger, take some weight off, get body sculpting, remove wrinkles, and more. Personalized care could be just around the corner. Magana Plastic Surgery is that practice.

Take the Pounds Off

If you have been trying to take the fat off certain areas of your body, but have been having difficulty, liposuction procedures (a tummy tuck) may be just what you need. There are several types, and they can be very effective.

You can actually have a choice today as to what kind of liposuction and body sculpting procedure you want. Traditional liposuction is fully invasive but is able to take off the maximum amount of weight. Other forms include minimally invasive surgery, which uses a laser and can take off a medium amount of fat. There is also a non-surgical procedure that helps eliminate fat. This method is excellent if you are close to a normal BMI but are having trouble with just a few pounds of fat here and there.

Breast Treatments

If you want to make some changes to your breasts, you may also have some options. If your breasts droop, and the nipples are pointing downward, you can get a breast lift, which will make them look young again. Extra skin will also be removed to tighten up the skin.

If desired, you can also get breast augmentation, which will make them look fuller and bigger. In some cases, fat that is removed in liposuction can be injected into your breasts – keeping them all-natural. Implants can also be put in.

You may want to get a breast reduction if you want a smaller appearance. Men can also get breast reduction surgery. Anyone of the above options can also be combined with a tummy tuck.

Get a Younger Face

Connecticut plastic surgeons can also help your face to look years younger and more beautiful. You can get treatments such as rhinoplasty (nose job), Botox treatments, and facial sculpting. Some minimally invasive liposuction techniques can also be used to reduce fat in the face.

Hair Transplant

If you are losing your hair, plastic surgeons in Connecticut also offer various forms of hair fall treatment. For those who want a full head of hair again, a FUE hair transplant will do the trick. This form enables you to get back on your feet right away.

Anti-aging Therapy

Treatments are also available to help reduce the effects of age on your body and face. These treatments can do wonders for your appearance, and help you regain self-confidence – along with a more beautiful and younger look.

Dr. Rafael G. Magana MD is one of the Connecticut plastic surgeons you certainly want to consider for your treatment. He is an expert at plastic surgery techniques, including reconstructive surgery, and loves to apply his artistic talents, too, to ensure you are beautiful. We have a location in Riverside CT. Call today for a consultation at (646) 943-6042.

Many women will turn to a natural breast augmentation procedure after they have achieved unsatisfactory results from a breast implant procedure. It’s also a very effective option for women with breast cancer who have had a mastectomy. Natural breast augmentation has been used for several years to reconstruct removed breasts.

Natural breast augmentation involves two surgical procedures, which will be performed on the same day. The fat used for breast augmentation will be harvested from another area of your body, usually from the thighs, butt, or waist.

After the fat is collected is will be washed and processed in order to separate the healthy tissue from contaminants and fluid waste. Once the fat has been processed, clean fat will be transferred into a syringe and injected where volume in the breast is needed.

The entire procedure will take five to six hours to perform. A patient will be able to return to work and other types of light activities after just seven days. In certain cases, one to four fat transfer procedures will be needed in order to achieve the ideal results. At times, the injected fat can be absorbed by the body, requiring additional sessions.

Natural breast augmentation is a practical alternative for women who desire larger, sculpted breasts, without the use of saline or silicone implants. The process of transferring fat is widely used in breast reconstruction surgery after a lumpectomy or mastectomy. It can also be effective in correcting the shape, firmness, or size of breasts, due to genetic issues such as Poland syndrome or tuberous breasts.

Women with Poland syndrome have a disorder in which affected women are born with abnormal or missing muscles on one side of the chest wall.  In most women, the missing muscle is the large section that usually attaches to the upper arm on one side of the breastbone.

Tuberous breasts are a condition that’s caused by a lack of development in the breast tissue when a woman is going through puberty. This condition can cause breasts that grow asymmetrically or the breasts are very droopy and typically far apart from each other. The name of this condition is based on the appearance of the breast, which is very tube-like. This condition can affect one or both breasts and is only a cosmetic issue.
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