Daddy Makeover

A Mommy Makeover procedure is a hugely popular surgery done to women usually after their pregnancy or anytime to restore their body to pre-pregnancy results. Although it is not commonly discussed men are inclined to the aging of their own bodies and it would reduce the satisfaction of their own lives.

What Is A Daddy Makeover

The Daddy Makeover combines several plastic surgery procedures that could help men achieve a rejuvenated and or muscular appearance from one surgery. This is an excellent option for men who have tried to diet and exercise to achieve their goals but are still unable to get the look they desire.

What Surgeries Are Offered?

Face Rejuvenation

There are a variety of facial rejuvenation procedures that are designed to treat signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, creases, and sagging throughout the face and neck. These procedures include the forehead lift, full facelift, mini-facelift, mid-facelift, and neck lift. By lifting the facial tissues and removing excess skin, men can enjoy a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

Non-surgical Face Rejuvenation

Patients who are seeking less invasive procedures can receive one or a combination of several minimally invasive facial rejuvenation techniques to reduce the appearance of creases on the forehead, furrows between the eyebrows, fine lines around the eyes, wrinkles around the mouth, and extra skin under the chin. Your treatment may include a combination of dermal fillers, laser skin resurfacing, BOTOX, Cosmetic, and/or other treatments.


A crooked, bumpy, or large nose can affect the overall facial profile. Men who are unhappy with their current nasal structure can undergo rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, to correct an asymmetrical, wide, or previously damaged or broken nose. Dr. Magana is careful to retain the masculine shape when reconstructing your nose.


Liposuction is a procedure that will remove any access body fat from certain areas. There is almost no area that can not remove unwanted body fat, parts of the body that are most popular are tummy, chest, shoulders, and arms, and hips.

Why Is Male Plastic Surgery Becoming More Popular?

With so many cosmetic options available and advancements in technology broadening the scope of available treatment, there has never been a better time to undergo plastic surgery. The culture surrounding plastic surgery is changing. It is a necessity to have for both medical and physical reasons for any patient who wishes to undergo the procedure. Call Dr. Rafael Magana at Magana Plastic Surgery to schedule your appointment so we can access and understand your concerns. Call us at (646) 943-6042 and our location is 1171 E Putnam Ave, Suite #1E (Bldg 1), Riverside, CT 06878.

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