Plastic Surgery For Men

Today, more men are turning to plastic surgery to boost their confidence. Plastic Surgery is a procedure that could help improve your overall image of how you view yourself. Men have reported others to respond to them better, that they would have improved social lives. Men in particular thought they would have improved career opportunities after procedures they felt would improve their lifestyles.

The latest Plastic Surgery Statistics Report released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons shows a substantial increase in cosmetic procedures among males. Plastic Surgery can give people a self-confidence that would otherwise be very difficult to achieve.

Botox injections are also popular with men, with nearly half a million procedures performed last year. Another 100,000 “filler” procedures were performed on men in 2018, the ASPS said.

Of course, every surgery comes with risks, plastic surgery included, so we at Magana Plastic Surgery consult at length with an accredited experienced to maximize safety.

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