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If having larger breasts is something that you have always dreamed of, you really can be made larger with breast augmentation. This procedure can fix a lot of problems you might have and give you the gorgeous globes you always wanted. This can help increase your self-image and give you more self-confidence.

Two Ways to Augment Your Breasts

When you want a doctor to give you augmentation, there are two popular ways to do this. The first is to use breast implants. These are specially made plastic bags filled with silicone or saline water. While they basically had a little shape in earlier years, some of them now can be used to help you obtain the desired size and shape you want. Another kind of silicone implant is called a gummy bear implant. This type maintains its shape even if the envelope becomes broken.

The second type of breast augmentation is called fat transfer. In this surgical procedure, liposuction is used to remove fat from other parts of your body where there is an excess and it is injected inside the breast. This method is all-natural since it is your own body fat. With this procedure, your breasts can be contoured better to obtain the desired shape.

Can It Be Combined with Other Surgeries?

If you are having other surgeries, it may be possible to combine them and have them performed at the same time. This saves time and you can get it over with quickly. Other surgeries that it can be combined with include abdominoplasty, a breast lift, breast reconstruction, and more.

Are There Problems It Will Not Correct?

While a breast implant can help you with a lot of problems, there are some it is not going to help. Women who have sagging breasts are not going to be helped by the augmentation process. Another procedure, a breast lift, will be needed to correct that problem.

Which Method Is Better

The method you choose for augmentation really depends on you and the results you would like. The fat transfer method is primarily for women who want a small increase in breast size, and who want it to be natural. Choosing implants enables larger increases in breast size, but there are limits. The surgeon can provide you with more information on the method that will work best with your plans and goals.

Who Are the Best Candidates?

Many women are good candidates for the augmenting of their breasts. In order to be eligible, women need to be healthy physically, and they cannot be either pregnant or nursing. Their breasts need to be fully developed, but they also need to be dissatisfied with either the shape or size. Women who have asymmetrical breasts are also good candidates.

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