Get Plastic-Surgery in Manhattan

When you need to have some kind of physical problem or defect corrected, plastic-surgery can help you. It does not matter where the problem is, many times it can be corrected to give you a more normal and balanced appearance, as well as better use of it, if function is a problem.

Is Plastic Surgery Different Than Cosmetic Surgery?

When these two medical fields are carefully considered, yes, there is a difference. While it can be said that all cosmetic surgeons are plastic surgeons, they are limited to one in six different fields of the plastic surgeon. A plastic surgeon receives much more training than a cosmetic surgeon, and can perform many more types of surgeries.

What Can Plastic Surgery Correct?

A plastic surgeon can correct problems of many types. The main purpose of it is to correct a dysfunctional part or area of the body. This includes congenital (birth) defects, trauma surgery, reconstructive repair, hand surgery, disorders, and cosmetic surgery.

The problems that can be corrected in each of these areas are widespread. It ranges from correcting the appearance and function of the face, skull, and jaw, to help burn victims get better function and to help remove scars, to correcting problems associated with the hands and other musculoskeletal parts.

Reconstructive Surgery

There are many occasions that require a plastic surgeon to correct. A common need is for when a woman has a mastectomy, and the breast needs to be reconstructed. Another issue that is rather commonly treated is to repair the jaw or chin so that normal conditions can be enjoyed, and possibly to relieve pain.

On other occasions, there may be a problem with a hand that limits the normal use of it. Birth defects, or the result of an injury may have brought about the condition, but this type of plastic-surgery will aim to correct the problem and give the patient more normal use.

When people lose a lot of weight, there can be a lot of excess skin and muscles. This is usually ugly in appearance and surgery is necessary to remove the excess skin and tighten it and the muscles to create a much more pleasant appearance. Another use is to correct problems created by trauma, including wartime injuries. This type of situation can cause serious deformities and health problems, but many procedures are available that can help correct many of these problems.

Insurance and Surgery

When reconstructive surgery is needed, it may be covered by your health insurance policy. This is usually not true for cosmetic surgery. Corrective surgery is often deemed essential for the health of the individual and for the restoration of certain body parts, increasing their usability and appearance.

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