Men’s Body Plastic Surgery in Greenwich and Stamford Area

Men who are constantly on the go find that it can be tough to keep up with their appearance. Even enjoying a healthy diet and regularly hitting the gym may not be enough to keep age- and lifestyle-related changes in check. If you have noticed then you have been adding extra pounds in your midsection, you have begun to develop male breasts, or you have any unseemly fat in other areas, we are here to help.

At Magana Plastic Surgery we can assist with liposuction, tummy tucks, lifts, and a variety of other work that can return you to your peak physical appearance. No matter what type of work you may be looking to have done, we ask that you reach out to our staff whenever you are ready to redefine your appearance. Call Magana Plastic Surgery and book your appointment at (646) 943 6042. Our address is 1171 E Putnam Ave, Suite #1E (Bldg 1), Riverside, CT 06878.

Men's Body Plastic Surgery

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