Arm And Thigh Lift Surgery

If you are considering an arm or thigh lift, there is good news: both these procedures can be performed at the same time and can give your skin the tight look you have been hoping for.
When we administer an arm lift, our plastic surgeon will make a cut under the inner arm from the elbow up to the armpit, and we will remove excess skin or fat. Doing the cut in this area is ideal, as it will be less noticeable should there be any scarring after the surgery.
For a thigh lift, we will make an incision on the upper area of the inner thigh and will remove excess skin and fat as necessary. We can also perform liposuction along with this procedure.
When you are looking have a more defined look in your arms or thighs, we ask that you reach out to our team to learn more about our advanced procedures. It will be a pleasure to get to work for you soon!