For those who have recently lost a large amount of weight or have had fluctuations in weight in the past, tissue elasticity can be a major concern and potentially embarrassing. Put simply, even once you lose excess weight, your skin may not shrink to cover your new dimensions. Loose skin and folds can make you not want to show off the body you worked so hard to achieve.
If you have worked hard to get your body to a healthy size but don’t see the results you had hoped for, we will be happy to assist in giving you the body you have been envisioning. We can shape and tone the tissue that you are having trouble with and can remove any excess skin or fat as necessary.
Whether you are having problems in the abdominal area, buttocks, hips or another area, we will be happy to assist with any skin elasticity problems that you may have. Liposuction is also sometimes recommended along with this surgery should you have any large amount of fat you may need to have removed.
The exact procedure of your body lifts as well as post-operative care will depend on the results you’re looking for. We would love to learn more about them, so we can design a procedure that makes sense for you. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

Upper and Lower Body Lifts

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