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If you are not happy with sagging breasts and would like to change them, you can. Breast-lift-surgery, also known as mastopexy, can give your breasts increased firmness, remove excess skin, and raise them. It can also help you to have a better self-image and make you feel better about yourself.

Causes of Sagging Breasts

While you are younger, your breasts typically are higher on your chest, and smaller. Severally factors occurring over the years can make them sag. While age is a natural part of it, so is gravity, and having children. Breastfeeding your children is another factor, and weight loss can also produce sagging.

What to Expect from a Breast Lift

After the breast-lift-surgery is completed and healing has taken place, most of the scars will become less noticeable, but they will be permanent. Your breasts will change some as they continue to settle, but overall, you can expect the results to last for a long time. You can expect them to look younger again and have greater firmness.

Understanding The Breast Lift Procedure

Breast lifts today are becoming increasingly popular. Many more women are having surgery than there were in 2000.

As the doctor performs the surgery, you will most likely be given general anesthesia. Some incisions will likely be made around the areola – which can be reduced if it has increased in size, under the breast, and some skin tissue will be removed. Your nipples will be re-located to a higher position. A few stitches will also likely be placed inside your breast to enhance the shape.

What a Breast Lift Will Not Do

While a breast lift will eliminate sagging breasts, it is not going to change their size. It also is not going to make the upper part of your breasts appear fuller.

If you desire to make a change in their size and fullness, you will need to consider having some other surgeries performed at the same time, such as breast augmentation. This can involve various methods, such as getting implants or fat transfer. If you want smaller breasts, consider breast reduction surgery at the same time.

Best Candidates for Mastopexy

Good candidates for a mastopexy are going to be healthy and have a stable weight. Weight gain can undo some of the benefits of the surgery, so your weight will need to continue to be stable afterward. Candidates will have saggy breasts with their nipples pointing downward, due to the fact that they have lost their elasticity. They also need to unhappy with the current shape of their breasts and are not planning on having any more children. They must also be non-smokers.

The Consultation

Before the surgery, you will need to have a consultation. The surgeon will need to know what your goals are for the surgery, and will need to understand your medical history. Your breasts will need to be examined, measured, and photographed. Once this is complete, a course of action will be determined, and your options are given.

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