Get Face Lifts for a Beautiful Face in Greenwich and Stamford CT

Erasing years from your face can be done with facial-sculpting. This process can change the way you look, removing features that you are not happy with, and give you more beautiful lines and curves where you want them. It can also help your smile to be more pleasant. Three types of facelifts are often used, including the short scar facelift, the SMAS plication and resection, and the Deep plane facelift.

What Is It?

Sculpting of the face may involve a number of procedures designed to alter the appearance of parts of the face. The process could be applied to the bones in the face, the fat in it, the muscles, and more. In some cases, the bones in the face may be reshaped, cartilage, too, and some fillers may be added to produce a smoother and fuller face.

What Is It Used For?

The surgical procedures can be used to alter various parts of your face. It may include a nose job, jaw implants, cheek modification, lip augmentation, removing wrinkles, getting rid of a double chin, and more.

Lipo for the Face

Excess fat in the cheeks may be removed by liposuction of the face or from inside the oral cavity, thus accentuating the cheekbones, this is known as a “Bichectomy”. This procedure is a scaled-down version of regular lipo but the principle is the same. It removes fat from unwanted areas, enabling you to get the desired thinner contour to your face. This procedure can work well for men or women who want a thinner face. Once the fat is removed, it is not going to come back. The effect is permanent.

The opposite can also be done for faces that are too thin. Fat can be taken from other parts of your body and injected into sunken cheeks to produce a fuller effect.

The Effects

Right after the facial-sculpting procedure is completed, the patient will see immediate results. Each feature that was enhanced will be noticed right away, letting patients see the full effects even before they walk out of the office.

Injuries or Deformities

When a person has been in an accident of some kind or has a deformity from birth, these surgical techniques may also be valuable for them to regain a natural appearance. The plastic surgeon will need to do an evaluation to determine the type of treatments to be given and the number of them.

Facial Fat Transfer

This particular procedure can solve many different problems. It is minimally invasive but can eliminate smile or frown lines, wrinkles in the forehead, hollow spots in your cheeks, spots in your face that are depressed, under your eyes, and more.

The fat is taken from other parts of your body that may have an excess. The fat is then processed and injected into your face where needed. This process enables you to have other parts of your body contoured at the same time.

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