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Most everyone is well aware of what their nose looks like, and some do not like its appearance. Changes can be made to your nose through rhinoplasty, or plastic surgery for the nose. This can help it to be more aesthetically appealing to you and to those around you, or, and it could provide some better function. The best rhinoplasty surgeon in CT can enhance your nose to be more aesthetically appealing and to improve function to give you better breathing.

Problems That Can Be Corrected

Getting a nose job can provide some relief for those who have particular problems. For those who have breathing difficulties, for instance, the nose could be altered to make breathing easier. Nasal passages, or nostrils, could be enlarged to fix that problem. People that have a birth defect or a deviated septum could also have it corrected, as well as having an asymmetric nose.

There are also a number of other issues that can be adjusted for people who would like their noses to be more appealing. Several things that can be changed include reducing how far you’re prominent the nose juts out from your face is, the width of your nose, a bulbous tip, a bump in your nose, and more.

Two Types of Surgery

Rhinoplasty is performed either as being open or closed. This means that the surgeon will either be able to do all the work necessary from inside the nose (closed), or it will be necessary to do some surgical work on the outside (open) of the nose. The difference may depend on the surgeon, and also depends on what work is to be performed.

The Benefits of a Nose Job

If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your nose, getting a nose job can help the way you look. It can give you a more symmetrical nose, and a more beautiful one. This will also likely help you obtain a better self-image and greater peace of mind self-confidence.

How the Surgery Is Performed

In most cases, patients will be given general anesthesia before the surgery takes place. This enables the surgeon to work faster and without distractions, and it also helps with better concentration. This helps ensure the safety and safety of the patient.

The surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis. Healing can be expected to take about a week, and at that time a patient can often go back to work. They could begin exercising after about four weeks.

The Best Candidates

When choosing to do a nose job on a candidate, a surgeon will consider several things. They will want to know whether or not the candidate is really unhappy with the way their nose currently looks, or how well it functions. They will also want to know what expectations the candidate has about the surgery and want to ensure that the patient does not expect perfection has realistic expectations. Candidates may have some deformity that needs to be corrected, and they need to be at least 16 years old – at which time the nose is fully developed.

Rafael G. Magana MD is a Craniofacial trained plastic surgeon and is experienced in managing not only the aesthetic and reconstructive aspect of nasal surgery, but is also trained to perform reconstruction of congenital defects of the nose. He has much experience in plastic surgery. He specializes in applying art to his surgeries in order to give patients greater beauty in their new look. Call Magana Plastic Surgery and book your appointment at (646) 943 6042. Our address is 1171 E Putnam Ave, Suite #1E (Bldg 1), Riverside, CT 06878.


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