Southern Breast Lift Surgery

A Southern Breast Lift is a procedure that is very similar to NaturalPlus Breast Augmentation Surgery. Instead of augmentation, we will lift the breast to make them sit more appropriately and can also transfer fat to the area that you may desire. Our goal is to create a natural look while avoiding any sagging or drooping that may come with age.
If you have recently gone through a pregnancy, have lost a significant amount of weight, or are simply getting older, reach out to us to learn more about this surgery, and to schedule a consultation.
If you are generally healthy; maintain a stable weight; and are experiencing breast sagging or drooping, nipples that are facing downward or other issues, we will be more than happy to meet with you for a consultation. We normally suggest that this surgery be performed on those who are not looking to have any more children, as pregnancy and breastfeeding can significantly affect the size and shape of the breasts. Call Magana Plastic Surgery and book your appointment at (646) 943 6042. Our address is 1171 E Putnam Ave, Suite #1E (Bldg 1), Riverside, CT 06878.

Southern Breast Lift

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